The Hibernaculum Exhibition is a multi-disciplinary installation that is made possible by an A-team of creative professionals with a wonderfully diverse set of skills and interests. Although the project can be viewed as an exhibition of art and design, it is also an exhibition of talent within the Boston creative community. The exhibition features sign painters, industrial designers, printmakers, landscape designers and more. The maker process is publicly celebrated in preparation of the Hibernaculum’s multi-disciplinary production. Boston designers share their creative process and grant an inside look into local art and design practice.

-Christian Borden, artist
David Buckley Borden, artist
Cyrille Conan, artist
-John Cronan, sign painter
-Morgan Grenier, artist
-Charles Flaucher, wood worker
Ryan Habbyshaw, designer

-Christina Harris, landscape designer
-Jared Laucks, industrial designer
Jay LaCouture / AntiDesigns, screen-printer
Myles O’Brien, wood worker
Helen Popinchalk, artist
-Penelope Taylor, artist & editor 

CNC Fabrication of Snack Shack Signs