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Bat in Guano Ball by Llew Mejia


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Bat in Guano Ball features a sly, happy little bat peeking out of a ball of dung. While bats don’t make guano balls of their own, some species listen for insect larvae chewing their way out of dung beetle balls so they can swoop in for a quick snack. Amazing! Gross! We really dig scatalogical humor (childish, we know) and think you’ll love this print too.

Since Llew lives in Minneapolis and we’re in Boston, we had to get creative when it came to Llew signing the prints. We had him send us his studio mark and we turned it into a laser cut rubber stamp. Each print in this edition is stamp embossed or “watermarked” with Llew’s signature and the edition number. You can read more about stamp embossing and see a short video on our blog.

This print glows in the dark and measures 20×20″. It fits great in Ikea’s NORRLIDA, RIBBA, or STRÖMBY frames. Bat in Guano Ball is screen printed by hand in two colors on 140lb speckletone white French paper and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Edition of 25

You can read other fun facts about bats here.