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Head Bitch in Stars (Cards) by Faye Orlove


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Are you an energetic, outgoing leader like Leo Madonna? A philanthropic, progressive visionary like Aquarius Yoko Ono? A charming, sociable strategist like Libra Kim Kardashian West? These women embody their signs like the stars intended.

We worked with the wonderful illustrator and animator Faye Orlove to create Head Bitch in Stars, a celebration of rad celebrity ladies and the stars that define them. Faye’s drawing style is precise and delicate, using minimal lines to capture each of her subjects. Each of the twelve, double-sided cards measures 5×3.5″ and features a lady-star and her corresponding zodiac sign. The cards are printed on heavy, 140lb construction white French Paper and come packaged in a custom laser-cut and screenprinted box.

Included with the card set is a pack of three pins featuring gals from Faye’s illustrations.

Head Bitch in Stars was featured in the Weekly Dig as part of Trifecta’s Year One event.

Edition of 20