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i’m a HORSE, bitch by Lauren Barnett (2nd Printing)


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In September 2013, we attended MICE (the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) and fell completely, head-over-hooves IN LOVE with an incredible little comic that turned out to be the dark horse (hay, we can’t help it) of the weekend—i’m a HORSE, bitch by Lauren Barnett of Me Likes You comics. This special-edition reprint is blue-ribbon-worthy. The comic features a three-color screen printed cover in silver, teal and black and comes with a selection of stickers screen printed on clear vinyl, kraft, and neon pink sticker paper.

This comic is hilarious—but it’s not for everypony. Lauren’s horse uses adult language, so it’s not really suitable for children. We’d also like to extend a warning to bronies—this horse has strong opinions! We don’t think ponies are a total embarrassment : )

This 8-page mini comic measures 5 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches.

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