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Invasive Species Hex: Borers


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Often seen on old barns, traditional talismanic hex signs were used by farmers to ward off bad luck and encourage healthy growing seasons. This hex sign wards against Agrilus planipennis (Emerald Ash Borer), which hasn’t yet reached the Adirondack region. First introduced to the United States in shipping materials, the beetle has spread throughout the country killing tens of millions of ash trees. Beetle larvae burrow create dense pathways under tree bark, cutting off trees’ supply of nutrients. Shipments of unseasoned wood across the United States have helped this invasive spread throughout the country.

This four-color screen print measures 19×19″ and is printed on 140lb Construction White French Paper. It is initialed and numbered by David Buckley Borden, Helen Popinchalk and Morgan Grenier.

Edition of 10.

This piece was part of a series of collaborative screen prints made for David Buckley Borden‘s 2014 Hibernaculum Residency and 2015 exhibition at the Boston Design Center. You can read more about his residency with Trifecta Editions here.