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Studio Original: Bower Birds Card Set


We love the earnest, obsessive, and theatric seduction techniques of Bower Birds!
Male bower birds are dedicated architects, compulsive collectors and impressive dancers… all in hopes of wooing lady birds.

This card set features three different kinds of bowers… but don’t call them nests. Bowers are used exclusively to appeal to lady birds—neither males nor females reside inside them.

Printed front and back (blank inside) on 100# French Paper with Kraft envelopes.

Hut Bower
This elaborate and large type of maypole bower allows the male host to present collections of items such as flowers and berries, arranged by color, type and size. When a female approaches, the male will spread his wings and dance around the objects before entering the hut and calling to the female from inside.

Maypole Bower
This type of bower consists of a thin sapling with sticks arranged around it. The bowerbird surrounds
the maypole with a compressed mat of soft moss and arranges collections of seeds and fungi to attract the female. When a female lands within the bower, the male will dance around the maypole, keeping it between them until she allows him to approach.

Avenue Bower
Arranged north-south with a display court on the north side, the avenue bower displays bowerbird
theatrics at their finest. When a female enters the avenue, the male makes vocalizations, flicks his wings, presents a small decoration in his beak and performs a series of knee bends in hopes of wooing her.