Trifecta Editions was proud to partner with the Innovation and Design Building to host David Buckley Borden’s Hibernaculum exhibition in summer 2015. The installation featured work created by Borden and collaborators during his 2014 Trifecta Editions Hibernaculum Artist Residency. The Hibernaculum installation celebrated collaborative art and design inspired by nature. This project continues Borden’s ongoing exploration of communicating environmental issues. Four distinct gallery spaces housed unique explorations of nature’s relationship with art and design. The exhibition was supported by a month of inspiring programming featuring established and emerging voices from the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, AntiDesigns and others.

The Hibernaculum Exhibition was supported by our sponsors.

The Innovation and Design Center

Able at Eagle Lake

Throughout 2014, David Buckley Borden participated in Trifecta Editions’ Hibernaculum Artist Residency. The Hibernaculum Residency is a free-form artist retreat at Eagle Lake in the Adirondacks. Every other year, Trifecta selects one artist to unplug, unwind, and create a project and print series based on their time in the Hibernaculum.

Borden’s research-driven work highlights both pressing ecological issues and everyday environmental phenomena. Driven by his passion for the outdoors, Borden’s work promotes a shared environmental awareness and the heightened cultural value of ecology through the creation of accessible art and design.